About Us

Welcome to PL8 LAB - The Home of 4D Plates

We are the biggest 4D plates manufacturer in the UK. We were founded in 2016, after extensive research into the laser cut acrylic letters and the manufacturing of number plate components. Using our extensive knowledge, testing and understanding the market, we were able to offer a premium quality product for everyone to enjoy! 

Here at PL8 LAB it’s ALL about you, the customer, we strive to offer the best quality products on the market, constantly evolving and staying on top of the industry with the latest in cutting edge designs. Whether that be our different types of gel plates or our latest design of laser cut letters, this is your one stop shop for custom bespoke 4D plates.

The interests of our customers is our top priority here at PL8 LAB. All our products are made in-house and using premium quality raw materials to ensure the quality finish.

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